is a purpose-led event marketing agency with strong focus on sustainability and using brand power as a force for good.


Bold but humble Palmulandia stands for responsibility and positive change. From planning to production, the agency offers strategic action plans and inspiring brand experiences that support companies’ and NGOs’ sustainability goals, goodwill and progressive growth.



Putting purpose at the heart of brand communication through authentic storytelling, bravery, and being your true self. Living the brand purpose throughout the whole organization.


By tapping into what is real and authentic, Palmulandia aims to mentor companies and NGOs’ to be brave with their creative work, offering and everything else reasoning to their existence through experiential brand strategies and acts that aim to create and share value.


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    Purposeful events, event series and exhibitions, in both live and virtual environment, to inspire and commit your audience with the highest standards in quality and sustainability.

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    Integrated brand experiences in various medias for the strongest engagement. Give me a challenge to design a concept that articulates your super powers.

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    The era of social activism is here. Strategic action plans designed having your brand goals and brand purpose in mind allow you to involve and influence your audiences. Act to inspire, inspire to act.

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    Hire me to plan, consult or lead your experiential marketing. With years of experience, I can guarantee innovative concepts and most efficient execution plans.

Mastering brand experiences from events to social activism, Palmulandia designs an authentic plan for your brand communication needs while avoiding the pitfalls.

Collaboration is the key to success. I work with a network of thinkers and doers to help you to articulate your message to the crowd. Let the unique side of your brand personality shine through!

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