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Metsä Board / Fachpack 2019

:: Metsä Board / Fachpack 2019


Metsä Board 


Metsä Board is a leading producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards in Europe and a forerunner in sustainability. PackageLab is a concept created to display the innovative, light weight packaging solutions of the company while celebrating the pure Nordic origin. The concept aims to communicate the creative, high quality packaging design knowhow together with self-contained raw materials and technical excellence of the company. The stand design aligns with the company’s vision of “better with less” and is inspired by the characteristic visuals by Metsä, rooting from the Finnish forests.

The concept was repeated at various markets across the globe. In Fachpack 2019, the company launched its new plastic replacing barrier product that is recyclable and compostable.

Creative Direction: Jonna Palmu
3D Design: Petri Rantonen & Kaski Design
Agency & Production: TAPAUS