is a purpose-led event marketing agency with strong focus on sustainability and using brand power as a force for good.


Bold but humble Palmulandia stands for responsibility and positive change. From planning to production, the agency offers strategic action plans and inspiring brand experiences that support companies’ and NGOs’ sustainability goals, goodwill and progressive growth.



My mission is to create better experiential marketing that makes a true difference in people’s lives

I am an experiential marketing specialist and commercial director with comprehensive experience in working in the leading corporate event agencies. Until now, I have designed and led hundreds of unique brand experiences from conception to post-production for a number of corporate clients coming from different industries such as renewable packaging, IT, retail, fashion, consulting, banking, insurance, automotive, cosmetics, FMCG, etc.

From Helsinki to Las Vegas, I have helped brands grow in together 18 countries and multiple world cities with my teams. During my career, I have as well consulted various advertising and communication agencies in their event marketing needs, and done occasional public speaking to designers and design schools.

The years I spent living abroad were life changing for me. Piloting ambitious event projects for global sustainability leaders while simultaneously working for various causes, made me deepen my thoughts on brand purpose and how I could contribute more to the society. It ultimately led me to leave the ordinary and establish my own boutique brand marketing consultancy that supports organizations at all levels in their sustainability communications.

Today, I consult brands, non-profits and cultural institutions to unleash their power of purpose by designing and implementing inspiring brand experiences and campaigns that deliver growth and create social impact. My mission is to create better experiential marketing that makes a true difference in people’s lives and finally, positively influences the world in a long term.

To support the clients’ sustainability goals and in addition to my MSC degree in International Management and BBA in Marketing and Communications, I have acquired additional university studies and knowledge over climate, environmental issues and CSR.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ms. Palmu

Authentic Inspiration